Funding news

We have been successful in obtaining funding to the end of March 2025 to be able to continue with a programme of CF reviews and evidence syntheses to support guidelines. We would like to document our gratitude to the CF Foundation and the UK CF Trust for awarding us this grant. More details here.

Latest publications

CF Australia have published the first four chapters of their updated 'Standards of Care for Cystic Fibrosis' document which cites two of our reviews. Click here to access the current version and stay updated with upcoming chapters.

Our review of gastro-intestinal issues 'Thinking outside the box: a review of gastrointestinal symptoms and complications in cystic fibrosis' was published in June 2023, read it here.

Learn about our contributions to the "Standards of care for CFTR variant-specific therapy for people with CF" here.

Learn about our collaboration with the JLA here.

We would like to thank our funders the CF Foundation and the UK CF Trust.