Conflicts of Interest Policy

We will adhere to Cochrane’s conflict of interest policy with regards to both authors of Cochrane reviews and the Group’s editors in order to ensure that Cochrane reviews are independent of conflicts of interest associated with commercial sponsorship and that they are conducted by people or organisations that are free of such bias. The process for conducting Cochrane Reviews and the Cochrane Groups and contributors responsible from producing Cochrane Reviews should operate free from interference. Users of Cochrane Reviews should be assured that Cochrane Reviews are produced in an independent manner.

We ask for disclosure of conflicts of interests at the very beginning of a review process (when submitting a Review Proposal Form). Any declarations may be managed within our Group or may be referred to the Funding Arbiter for discussion and decision-making if there are any doubts about how the policy should be applied.

See the Funding Arbiter information about the role of the Funding Arbiter and the Funding Arbitration Panel in the implementation and for clarifications or guidance on funding issues.