The CFGD Editorial Board

The Group’s Editorial Board comprises of a Co-ordinating Editor, a number of contact editors, specialised according to the areas of our scope, and the members of the Editorial Base. Click on the links for further personal details. The declarations of interest for the members of our Editorial Board can be accessed herePlease contact the Editorial Board via the Group's Managing Editors: and




Co-ordinating Editor

Professor Alan Smyth

Nottingham, UK

Coagulopathy Editors

Dr Alfonso Iorio

Hamilton, Canada

Professor Michael Makris

Sheffield, UK

Cystic Fibrosis Editors

Lisa Morrison

Glasgow, UK

Professor Felix Ratjen

Toronto, Canada

Dr Karen Robinson

Baltimore, USA

Professor Kevin Southern

Liverpool, UK

Professor Peter Wark

Newcastle, Australia

Dr Val Waters

Toronto, Canada

Haemoglobinopathy Editors

Dr Kofi Anie

London, UK

Dr Samir Ballas

Philadelphia, USA

Dr Mariane de Montalembert

Paris, France

Inborn Errors of Metabolism Editor

Dr Aidan Ryan

Southampton, UK

Statistical Editor

Professor Ian Hambleton

Bridgetown, Barbados

Editorial Base




Managing Editors

Tracey Remmington

Liverpool, UK

Nikki Jahnke

Liverpool, UK

Information Specialist

Natalie Hall

Liverpool, UK

 We are also able to draw on the expertise of a team of independent feedback editors.


 Dr Gerry Dolan

 Nottingham, UK

Cystic fibrosis

Dr Larry Lands

Montreal, Canada


Dr Jo Howard

London, UK

Inborn errors of metabolism

Dr Mark Sharrard

Sheffield, UK

 We have previously benefited from the significant contributions of editors, who have now stepped back from the group, for which we thank them.

Editors Emeritus

 Professor Deborah Ashby, OBE 

 London, UK

 Dame Professor Sally Davies

 London, UK

 Dr Gerard Ryan

 Melbourne, Australia

 Professor Rosalind Smyth, CBE 

 London, UK

 Dr John Walters

 Manchester, UK